RFC 38 Finish of the Night

Finish Of The Night RFC 38 | No Judges Needed

No Judges Needed is proud to sponsor the Finish of the Night at RFC 38. We came up with the idea of having a Finish of the Night. It is decided by you the fans. You get to vote between the KO of the Night and the Submission of the night. Your vote decides on who will win the No Judges Needed Finish of the Night bonus.

Here are RFC 37's KO and Submission of the night winners.

Michael Cora RFC 38 KO of the Night | No Judges Needed

^^ Michael Cora won by KO in Round 1 @ 56 seconds ^^

Blake Smith RFC 38 Submission of the Night | No Judges Needed

^^ Blake Smith won by Submission in Round #3 @ 36 seconds. ^^