MMAC Grappling Tournament at the CFE Arena August 06 2015

The MMAC Grappling tournament was held at the CFE arena on the campus of the University of Central Florida on July 25, 2015. The following are pictures from around the tournament. No Judges Needed gear could be seen everywhere.

Matt Arroyo MMAC Grappling Absolute Champion, Troy Ragano, No Judges Needed

Matt Arroyo MMAC Grappling Tournament No-Gi Absolute Champion.

Ruben Alvarez No Gi Light Absolute Champoion MMAC Grappling Tournament, Troy Ragano, No Judges Needed

Ruben Alvarez No-Gi Light Absolute Champion at the MMAC Grappling Tournament.

Joseph Lugo, Michael Lugo, MMAC Grappling Tournament Intermediate Absolute Champion, No Judges Needed

The Lugo brothers, Joseph & Michael, close out the Intermediate absolute division. Check out their No Judges Needed rash guards.

Gracie Tampa South, MMAC Grappling Tournament, No Judges Needed

Check out all of the No Judges Needed gear!