Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals and All-Star Pro Invitational June 09 2015

I have to say what a weekend. I flew up to Edison, New Jersey to watch my NJN sponsored athletes compete at the Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals and All-Star Pro Invitational. Ruben Alvarez, Matt Arroyo, Robby Donofrio, Dan Martinez, and Ian Murray couldn't have made me prouder.
Ian with less than a minutes notice filled in the 155 pound invitational. He went 20 minutes with a high level black belt. Unfortunately, he didn't get the win. He then went and won the men's expert division in his weight class. And, of course all by submission.
Matt lost in the semi finals to the eventual winner. He got caught. It happens. Matt is one of the best and knowing him, watch out. He will take his game up to a whole new level. ADCC 2015 here he comes.
Dan Martinez made it to the finals in the 185 pro. Submitting 2 high level black belts on the way. He got caught in the finals. But, he definately showed everyone who he is. And, that they better watch out.
And, last but not least Ruben Alvarez Jr. My GB! My main man! 
What a performance! To quote Ruben, "Go big, or go home!" And, that he did.
Ruben competed in both the 145 and 155 pound All-Star Pro Invitational. He took 2nd in both. Losing to top level competitors in Joao Miyao and Eddie Cummings. And, in between his matches in the invitational he won the 140-149 Advanced No Gi division.
Ruben definitely was the "Ironman" of the day. He had everyone talking about his performance.
It was a great trip and I was definitely "entertained".